Drama 2.0’s Predictions for 2008

Posted on December 21, 2007
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Last year around this time, unbeknownst to Web 2.0 fanboys and fangirls, Drama 2.0 trolled over to Mashable and developed a new alter ego: Web 2.0 Skeptic. My “amusingly cynical comments” inspired Web celebrity Pete Cashmore to launch the Mashable Insulting Comments Contest, which I won (what the hell did you expect?). The winning comment contained my predictions for 2007:

I’m going to really go out on a limb here and make some off-the-wall predictions that may come as a shock to a lot of people. But I stand by these predictions and think that by this time next year I’ll be hailed as a visionary.

1. People will continue to consume online porn regularly.
2. Spam email will continue to rise.
3. Organized online crime will continue to be more profitable than starting a Web 2.0 company by the tune of at least several billion dollars, but all the Mark Zuckerburgs will continue to think that they’re money.
4. At least 5000 pregnancies will be the result of MySpace hookups. I accounted for 2-4 last year. I won’t know for sure until the paternity tests are in.
5. My 25% of the $15 million I am helping get out of Nigeria for the former king will finally arrive just as promised. Ngobe if you read this please call me with an update. 281-330-8004

So now that a new year is upon us and I’ve already been hailed as a prophet by a Drama 2.0 Show reader, it’s time that I make my predictions for 2008:

For those of you who are wasting time at work and want to take a trip down memory lane, my dear.

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