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With gas prices hovering at the US dollar equivalent of around $4.70 where I live, filling up a car that gets around 41 liters per gallon city (approximately 11 miles per gallon) is not fun. But thanks to the sponsors of The Drama 2.0 Show, I’ve got a little fuel subsidy.

My lead sponsor, Finnish startup , which is designed to serve as “a single place for all your online needs,” has been busy implementing user feedback and working on some launches that it considers very important to its future, including the launch of a new design and its open development framework and developer platform. It has also been busy sponsoring events in Finland as part of its efforts to introduce MySites to prospective users.

Sponsor Shout-Out

Thanks to the sponsors of The Drama 2.0 Show for lowering my out-of-pocket costs for bottle service.

Finnish startup bills itself as a “single place for all your online needs” where “you can create and customize a website, save and share any media, decide who can view it, embed anywhere, and use any device.”

is “the UK’s leading online publisher of best practice internet marketing reports, research and how-to guides” and serves as .

Sponsor Shout-Out

Thanks to recently-launched Finnish Internet startup for sponsoring The Drama 2.0 Show and supporting my Future Bail Fund.

MySites, which bills itself as a “a single place for all your online needs,” has been busy implementing user feedback and adding new features and is looking for your feedback so if you haven’t done so already, consider giving MySites a whirl and leaving your thoughts for MySites founder Ramine Darabiha.

Party Like a Rockstar Web 2.0 Remix

Unfortunately, the A-list Web 2.0 celebrities that I tried to get together to lay down a hot rap single couldn’t get their schedules to align so my chance at Billboard success as a songwriter didn’t materalize.

But maybe the second time will be the charm. Like any aspiring songwriter, I’m sticking with it.

My newest song is the Web 2.0 Remix of the Shop Boyz hit Party Like a Rockstar.


Y-y-y-yeah, y-y-y-yeah, y-y-y-yeah, y-y-y-yeah

T-t-t-totally dude!!!!

Party like a rock
Party like a rockstar
Party like a rock
Party like a rockstar
Party like a rock
Party like a rockstar
Party like a rockstar

Sponsor MySites Launches, Drama 2.0 Reviews

The Launch

, the lead sponsor of The Drama 2.0 Show, launched this past Saturday. Registration is open and MySites is offering 10GB of storage space to all users.

MySites founder Ramine Darabiha welcomes all feedback so if you try MySites out, feel free to post comments here.

Review Introduction

When MySites purchased its sponsorship of The Drama 2.0 Show, Ramine expressed interest in having me provide an objective, no-BS review of his business and I’m pleased to post that today.


RIP George Carlin

George Carlin was always one of my favorite comedians. In my opinion, few comedians were as witty, intelligent and insightful as George so I was saddened to learn yesterday of his passing at the age of 71.

I think few understood language and how it relates to us as well as Carlin and his comedy contributed greatly to my interest in the impact of language on culture and thought.

Since George and his comedy added a bit of joy and happiness to my life and caused me to think in the process, I couldn’t help but post this message.

An Urgent Plea for Help

Recently, Robert Scoble lamented the Friend Divide which keeps hundreds of millions of Internet users from getting the most out of the social media experience. He has good reason to worry about the poor souls who simply don’t have enough friends to enjoy services like Twitter.

But Scoble overlooks an even more disturbing fact: there are indigenous groups around the world that have had little to no contact with modern civilization and its technology.

The Mail Online has published an article about one such group that makes its home deep in the rainforest along the border of Brazil and Peru. The photos taken during a helicopter fly-by of the tribe’s village are amazing.

Sponsor Shout-Out

I’d like to thank MySites, a Finnish Internet startup, for sponsoring The Drama 2.0 Show and contributing to my future alimony fund.

Although MySites founder Ramine Darabiha is not quite ready to hand out invites to readers of The Drama 2.0 Show, he’s been busy gathering feedback from current beta testers.

MySites has been focusing much of its efforts on the gamer market. It had a presence at Lan79 and the company the CounterStrike Source tournament.

Thanks again to MySites for sponsoring this blog.

Announcing MySites - Sponsor of The Drama 2.0 Show

I’m proud to announce that the sponsor of The Drama 2.0 Show is Finnish Internet startup MySites. The company, which will launch later this month, has created an online service that enables its users to create their own “sites” where they can organize, store and share all of their content, including pictures, music, video, blogs, calendars and documents. MySites features privacy controls, access from mobiles and other Internet-connected devices and, perhaps most importantly, an open platform that will enable developers to extend the service so that new features and functionalities are offered.

It’s with great disappointment that I am forced to announce that The Drama 2.0 Show may be going offline in the near future. Unfortunately, my activities outside of the technology industry have caught up with me and I have been charged with serious crimes under United States law.

Although I am not currently located in the United States, an associate of mine turned state’s evidence and a significant amount of my liquid assets were frozen last week by the authorities in the country they are located in at the request of multiple United States government agencies which I will not name here.

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Drama 2.0's indulgent jet-set lifestyle is supported by Drama 2.0 Show lead sponsor . For more information about MySites, click here.


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