Who is Drama 2.0?

Businessman, technology pioneer, media mogul, marketing visionary, scientist, artist, philosopher, diplomat, mentor, confidant, connoisseur, adventurer, lover, fighter, womanizer, son, father (currently under dispute), friend. Drama 2.0 is the Internet’s version of Keyser Söze.

Drama 2.0 began posting comments on TechCrunch in 2006 and has apparently developed a cult following since then. After having one of his comments mentioned in the San Francisco Chronicle, he inked a $5 million deal to write his own blog.

Widely hailed by his Hollywood agent as an expert on everything, Drama 2.0 has extensive experience in the marketing, technology and media industries. He conceptualized the most popular Super Bowl commercial in 1940, produced his first CD in 1954, created his first high-definition movie in 1982 and has been programming in PHP since 1990. He also has an impressive track record in the financial world. He has managed over $1.5 billion in funds (past investments include Enron and Pets.com) and has also been involved in the development of creative financial instruments such as junk bonds, derivatives and asset-backed securities.

When he’s not busy making the world a better place for himself, Drama 2.0 enjoys Cuban cigars, fine dining, wine and liquor, yachting, fast cars and foreign women. Drama 2.0 currently spends most of his time in Punta del Este, Dubai and Prague
but is sometimes found in Monaco, Moscow and St. Kitts.

The Drama 2.0 Show is a holding of Drama Holdings S.A., a Panamanian corporation. Advertising/sponsorship can be had for a fee and and Drama 2.0 is available for consulting and private companionship. Please . Operators with exotic accents are standing by to field your emails.

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Drama 2.0 spikes the Web 2.0 kool aid by providing critical analyses of Web 2.0, its people, its startups and its impact on the world of media. Other topics are explored when Drama 2.0 has been drinking too much 1975 Dom Perignon. Read more about the Internet's version of Keyser Söze here.