ChopMotors: Buying a Stolen Car Has Never Been So Easy

While startups that “suck” launch at DEMO and TechCrunch50, I’m out raising money for a mature Internet company that’s under the radar but already very much in the black.

The Opportunity

If you’ve ever had your car stolen, you’ve probably never given much thought to the business of automobile theft - you simply wanted your car back (or your insurance company to cover the costs of your loss so that you could purchase a new one).

Yet the business of stolen automobiles is a multi-billion dollar one and each year, more than 1 million automobiles are stolen in the United States alone. While many of these stolen automobiles never leave the United States, many do.

MuffDive: Vertical Search for Hot Bisexual Women

The Opportunity

Google is the dominant search engine but the old adage “One size does not fit all” is true in the search engine market. While Google and other large search engines often do an excellent job providing search results for certain queries, relevance is not always guaranteed.

Vertical search engines, which focus on specific subjects, such as medicine or engineering, have been touted by some as the next step in the evolution of search. Research firm Outsell estimates that the market for vertical search will reach $1 billion by 2009.

Pablo’s Place: We Keep that White Girl

The Opportunity

Each year, more than $500 billion changes hands in the global business of narcotics. It is one of the most sophisticated industries on the face on the planet and brings together a diverse range of individuals and groups for one purpose: to make significant amounts of money.

There is a market for narcotics for a simple reason: the world is a tough place and people just want to get high. Yet, for the most part, there is no major online hub that serves the needs of those who use narcotics and those who deal in narcotics. Pablo’s Place will change that by providing the first comprehensive Internet portal for narcotics. In doing so, it will cement its place in one of the most lucrative businesses known to man.

GoldDigger: Pre-Prenup Protection

After successfully raising $10 million for blackmailr and pocketing my 5% finder’s fee, I’ve decided to help a new startup raise a small angel round. Why do this when I’m only going to earn a $25,000 finder’s fee? Because this startup is near and dear to my heart and truly has the potential to make the world a better place.

The Problem

Modern society’s wealth boom has created a significant problem for wealthy men: an increasing number of women desire nothing more than to date and marry them solely for their assets. According to Prince & Associates, a Connecticut-based wealth-research firm, nearly two-thirds of women are “very” or “extremely” willing to marry for money.

Blackmailr: We Know

No VCs expressed an interest in funding PimpSpace despite the fact that my pimp friends are reporting record revenues from Silicon Valley johns this year. I still hold out hope that one of those wealthy johns will see the wisdom in funding PimpSpace even if social networks are commodities these days. But today I’m pitching a business that has some significant intellectual property and that offers a sure-fire way to monetize Web 2.0.

The Opportunity

PimpSpace: A Place for Pimps

This is the first in a new Drama 2.0 Show primetime series entitled Easy VC Money. In it, I present concepts for Web 2.0 startups that VCs will absolutely love. At the end, I reveal which VC firm will be getting an email from me with the pitch. I will post any responses I get.

PimpSpace: A Place for Pimps

The Opportunity

Prostitution is the oldest occupation in the world and the prostitution industry is a billion dollar business. The International Labor Organization, for instance, estimates that between 1993 and 1995, prostitution in Thailand alone generated between $22.5 and $27 billion.


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