The Future of Media is Integrated

With all the debate about new media versus old media, I figured it was time to discuss in greater detail where I believe media is going. It isn’t new media or old media; it’s integrated media. I am not the originator of the concept, but it is one that I am convinced represents the future of media.

What is Integrated Media?

Surviving the Commoditization of Social Networking

After a brief hiatus from posting (First Life always takes priority), I’m back with some thoughts on social networking.

Mark Hendrickson at TechCrunch has a great summary of the solutions that exist in the market for those wanting to start social networks. The number of solutions, the low costs and the ease with which individuals and companies can start their own MySpaces indicates what I (and others like Om Malik) believe is already a reality: the commoditization of the social network.

Web 2.0 Fuels Narcissism, Is Destroying America

I figured it was time for a sensational headline, and I finally found a topic worthy of one. The opinion section of the San Francisco Chronicle had an interesting article this past Sunday entitled “Too much self-esteem spoils your child.” In it, Andrew Lam of New America Media comments on the level of narcissism that exists within Generation Y (also known as the “MySpace Generation”) and provides an intriguing cultural comparison:

DramaFest 2007 Amsterdam Adds Additional Speakers

DramaFest 2007 Amsterdam is pleased to announce that the following speakers have been added to the lineup.

Michael Arrington (Blogger)
Topic: Puppies

Terry Semel (Former CEO of Yahoo, Rich Guy)
Topic: Why Silicon Valley Needs Executive Compensation Reform

Ron Jeremy (Pornstar) and Kevin Rose (Cereal Entrepreneur, $60 Million Man)
Topic: Branding with Breasts

Sean “Diddy” Combs and Chad Hurley/Steven Chen
Topic: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Frank Quattrone (Investment Banker)
Topic: How You I Can Profit from the Inevitable Facebook IPO

Leveraging an Established Brand in Web 2.0: I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World

Well, I’m not really a Barbie girl. But a lot of people apparently are. Scientific American that Mattel’s Barbie Girls virtual online world is the fastest growing virtual world ever. In its first 60 days, over 3 million users have registered to be Barbie girls in a Barbie world. As Duncan Riley at TechCrunch points out, it took Second Life one year to reach 1 million registered users.

OMG! Perez Hilton Sells Out!

Mark another victory for “old media.” Celebrity gossip guru and prominent blogger Perez Hilton has announced that he is making the move to television. Yes, the self-proclaimed Queen of All Media will have his own television show on VH1 starting in September. VH1, of course, is owned by MTV Networks, which is a division of Viacom. Therefore some blogging purists will likely consider Perez to be the ultimate sellout.

Announcing DramaFest 2007 Amsterdam

DramaFest 2007 Amsterdam

If you’re tired of the same old boring technology conferences, you’re in for a treat. DramaFest makes its debut this November in Amsterdam. The conference brings together a diverse group of luminaries to discuss technology and media.


Silicon Valley is boring, so we’re spicing things up by holding DramaFest in Amsterdam, the home of an impressive canal system, wonderful museums, the world’s finest coffee shops and “clubs” that provide more than just bottle service. The conference will be held at the opulent Amstel InterContinental Amsterdam, which is situated right on the beautiful Amstel River.

One of my favorite bloggers, Duncan Riley at TechCrunch, : is LinkedIn’s traffic growth enough for survival as it faces a Facebook that is powering “ahead with a superior and more compelling offering.” LinkedIn’s traffic is up 323% in the past year (and 17% in the past week), but apparently Duncan sees social networking as a zero sum game and there can only be one winner (Facebook).

More Anecdotal Evidence Social Networks Aren’t Delivering for Advertisers

As I have mentioned previously, I have spoken with marketers at major brands who expressed disappointment with the results of advertising campaigns on social networks. Reach Students, a UK-based digital marketing consultancy, joins the list of unsatisfied marketers. entitled “Facebook advertising brings poor results” detailing the poor results of the company’s marketing campaigns on Facebook. Reach Students reports:

We’ve run four targeted campaigns this year using its flyer ads, and each time the results have been disappointing.

Our most recent campaign saw 1.4 million page impressions delivered at specific universities – and only a 0.04% clickthrough rate. Ouch.

Tailgate Today at the Deadpool

I’d like to invite you to a tailgating party today at the deadpool. is a new online advertising startup that has Duncan Riley interested in banner advertising again. The company has created the “tranner,” a transactional banner that enables customers to make purchases directly through the advertisement without having to leave the site they’re on. It’s essentially an ecommerce widget. Tailgate’s value proposition is that tanners better facilitate impulse purchases. See a product in a tranner that you want to purchase? Buy it on the spot without leaving the page. Tailgate believes this will lead to higher ROI.

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