My First Guest Post on Another Blog

I’m pleased to report that my first guest post on CenterNetworks is now live. I’ve been a big fan of CenterNetworks for some time and am appreciative that Allen Stern has offered me the opportunity to contribute as a guest. I’ll be writing some future posts for CenterNetworks so be sure to keep an eye out. My first post deals with my predictions for the overheating online video market.

I’m Officially a Prosumer!

Today is a special occassion for me. Although I’ve been posting for quite some time, I’ve never felt comfortable calling myself a “prosumer” because I never had my own blog. Besides the fact that I procrastinated in setting up this blog, I also wanted to be sure I was at a stage in my life where I could accept being a prosumer. After coming to grips with the fact that my blog is going to eventually contribute to the destruction of old media (so I’m told), I’m ready to step up and prosume. To celebrate the occassion, I’m considering ordering some MiniCards from listing my title as “Prosumer” (sorry VistaPrint, you’re just too Web 1.0 for me).


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