Making Technology Conferences Less Forgettable

Posted on November 12, 2007
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There was drama in the blogging world recently when A-list bloggers Michael Arrington and Om Malik their speaking engagements at BlogWorld. I for one cannot blame Michael and Om for not showing, regardless of the true reasons behind their absences.

The reality is that technology conferences can be summed up with one word: boring. Why? It always seems like these conferences have the same speakers, the same topics, the same exhibitors. And they are always put together for the same reason: to make money for the organizers who recognize that you can always cash in by starting conferences that piggyback on hype.

It was time to change the way technology conferences are held and that’s why I created DramaFest. The sold-out DramaFest 2007 Amsterdam kicks off this coming Friday and I’d like to reveal some of the secrets to the interest in our conference so that other technology conference organizers can make their conferences more appealing:

DramaFest Amsterdam 2007 incorporates all of the above and is sure to be a smashing success. I don’t have to worry that Michael Arrington might forget to show up for his lecture on puppies - DramaFest 2007 Amsterdam has all the components of an unforgettable event, even if you don’t quite remember how you found yourself waking up on Sunday morning in bed with three buxom blondes who don’t speak a word of English. And that’s exactly how technology conferences should be.

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