Posted on June 20, 2008
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Through Profy, I came across an interesting post that adds a dash of perspective to the blogosphere and the world of “first adopters” at large.

WinExtra is a blog written by Steve Hodson, a self-described “cranky old fart wandering the internet causing mayhem as he goes.”

In his post “There’s Web 2.0 and then there’s Reality,” that there is a divide between those who can afford to invest in all the latest technology and the rest of the universe.

He notes:

The Wisdom of Drama - June 20, 2008

Posted on June 20, 2008
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Drama 2.0 says:

Men live in a world of abundance but exist in a world of scarcity.

Tech Addict Asks: “Should I Send an Email or Change My Son’s Diapers?”

Posted on June 19, 2008
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I’ve picked on Robert Scoble quite a bit because I think he embodies all that is wrong with Web 2.0. Not only does he epitomize the “technology for technology’s sake” philosophy so prevalent in Web 2.0, he’s simply out of touch with reality as a whole.

Up until now, this has been good for some amusement.

But through a trackback from the MarCom Writer Blog, I stumbled upon a Scoble post that contained something really disturbing.

In response to an email asking him why he wastes so much time with Web 2.0 services and technology gadets, Scoble wrote:

Are Americans Using the Internet to Go Beyond the Sound Bite?

Posted on June 18, 2008
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Back in January, I argued that “Politics 2.0 is politics as usual” and stated:

In my opinion, Web 2.0 has become little more than the technological equivalent of the candidate-holds-a-baby photo opportunity. It looks great that politicians are answering questions from Internet users, making themselves appear more accessible and encouraging grassroots campaigns, but it’s really little more than marketing fodder. I don’t see any evidence that politicians are going to change the way they do business.

According to a new Pew Internet and American Life Project study, the Internet is playing an increasingly important role in the 2008 election:

The Wisdom of Drama - June 18, 2008

Posted on June 18, 2008
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Drama 2.0 says:

The best measure of the value of time is not money but waste. Having more of the former does not guarantee less of the latter.

Is the Internet Making Us Stupid?

Posted on June 17, 2008
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For obvious reasons, Nick Carr’s article entitled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” in this month’s edition of The Atlantic struck a cord with me.

After all, I often point out the negative consequences of our technology-obsessed society. From an increase in narcissism to a decrease in meaningful social interaction, I have argued that our favorite technologies aren’t always beneficial.

Carr’s argument goes a step further and suggests that the Internet has conditioned us to become “mere decoders of information,” in the process rewiring our brains.

The Wisdom of Drama - June 13, 2008

Posted on June 13, 2008
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Drama 2.0 says:

Great nations exist only so long as the many are willing to sacrifice for the profit of the few.

Scoble’s Non-Existent 45 Second Advantage

Posted on June 13, 2008
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I really can’t help it. I prefer to avoid any appearance that I’m “picking on” somebody, but Robert Scoble happens to be the best provider of great material for blog posts highlighting the absurdity and stupidity present in Web 2.0.

He provided yet more material when he described his experience in an Apple Store this past Monday.

Unable to contain himself, he couldn’t muster up the will-power to disconnect from the Internet and apparently felt compelled to follow his favorite websites to find out what was going on with Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

What did he learn? Something extremely important:

Posted on June 12, 2008
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Yahoo as we knew it died today when it announced that talks with Microsoft about some sort of acquisition have formally been ended and that it was instead entering into a search advertising deal with rival Google.

Here is my summary and analysis of the news.

The Acquisition

After Microsoft’s initial offer to acquire Yahoo was rebuffed, the company entered into a second round of discussions.

The Redmond software company reportedly informed Yahoo that it had no interest in discussing a full acquisition, even at the previous offer price.

The Wisdom of Drama - June 11, 2008

Posted on June 11, 2008
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I find wisdom in the words of great thinkers. Philosophers such as Confucius, St. Augustine and Bertrand Russell. The world today is desperately in need of great thinkers in the same mold so I’ve decided to try my hand with the introduction of a new series, The Wisdom of Drama.

In it, I’ll share classic sayings that will one day be cited in philosophy eBooks that students around the world read on their Kindles. Or not.

So without further ado, Drama 2.0 says:

Whoever said honesty doesn’t pay wasn’t being honest enough.

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