Taking an Online Life to Regain a Real Life

Posted on December 28, 2007
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The Times Online has an interesting article entitled “Facebook suicide: the end of a virtual life.” In a semi-humorous way, it provides a modicum of hope that there still exist people in this world who recognize just how pathetic social networks can be.

The article is interesting if for no other reason than the fact that it touches on quite a few of the subjects I’ve discussed in previous blog posts. Among the most salient points:

While the Times Online piece is a little bit over the top, the notion that users have ended their lives in the virtual worlds we call social networks “so that they can resume life in the real one” seems like a damn good thing. There’s no substitute for a face-to-face interaction. Posting on a friend’s wall is not as rewarding as picking up the phone and making a long-distance call. Having lunch with a cousin seems a lot more enjoyable than buying him or her a virtual pie. And of course, sending a poke to a hot woman on Facebook is not nearly as satisfying as picking her up in real life at a nightclub.

Unfortunately, as I’ve noted before, more and more people (especially the young) seem to be retreating from the real world into virtual worlds. I can only hope that some of them will come to the realization that to save their own social lives, they have to commit suicide in Second Life.

Dramatic Tidbit: Drama 2.0 is more likely to publish several posts (or one great post) in the run up to the weekend, as he has tonight, because his drinking routine begins on Thursday. To fully maximize weekend excitement, Drama 2.0 begins a liquor lubrication process a day earlier than most. This not only prepares him for the that occur on Friday and Saturday nights, but also results in the urge to blog. After all, liquor has always been a writer’s best friend, opening up the mind to the creative ether. The sacrifices made to open this portal, however, are not easy. Drama 2.0 reserves Sunday through Wednesday for detoxification and a vigorous exercise routine that enables him to maintain his six-pack abs.

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