OMG! They killed Internet radio! You bastards!

There is a lot of discussion and debate going on about the increase of royalty rates for Internet radio providers. The SaveNetRadio coalition has even organized a boycott that many large Internet radio providers plan to participate in.

Will Silicon Valley Own Hollywood?

One of the most prominent conflicts within the media world is that of new media versus old media. Technologists argue that technology is making old media less relevant. Many go as far as to claim that old media is dying.

As an individual who is passionate about both technology and media, I enjoy looking at the collision of these worlds and analyzing the claims that are being made. It’s a difficult subject to analyze thoroughly because both industries are quite complex. Additionally, the terms “new media” and “old media” are often not used in a consistent manner and when you consider that many old media businesses, like Viacom, are actually quite involved with what most consider to be new media, you have all the makings of a subject which can be debated ad nauseum without basic assumptions being agreed upon.

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