Tweet This: Nobody Gives a Fuck

I’ve never understood Twitter. The concept of regularly “micro-blogging” to the world an answer to the question “What are you doing?” using no more than 140 characters seems utterly stupid to me. After all, not only do I feel no compulsion whatsoever to broadcast my every move to the rest of humanity, I suppose I’m just not narcissistic enough to assume that other people, my friends and associates included, actually give a damn anyway.

Since Allen Stern at CenterNetworks has asked “” I figured it was worthwhile to write something nasty about Twitter.

Introducing Another Kool Aid Drinker

I asked for some hate, and it looks like I’m starting to get it.

It’s not unexpected. In some ways, the party is for more and more Web 2.0 companies and the most passionate kool aid drinkers want to make sure that no drop of kool aid goes unsipped. From Duncan Riley to Jason Ervin, as the clock ticks the kool aid drinkers seem to get more aggressive in their kool aid drinking. One of the kool aid drinkers that has come onto my radar recently is Hank Williams. Hank is a self-professed geek whose “professional career [has entailed] making products, Including Clickradio, an early Internet music service, and DayMaker, one of the first PIMs for the Mac.”

Uncov Guys Launch a Web 2.0 Startup

Somebody emailed me last week to let me know that the guys behind (Matt Kent, Ted Dziuba, and Kyle Shank) have stopped publishing the popular anti-Web 2.0 blog.

I never really got into Uncov. Although Uncov, like The Drama 2.0 Show, was decidedly negative about most of Web 2.0, I never really found Uncov’s brand of humor to be entertaining and to be honest, it was all a little too geeky for me.

What I do find interesting is that well into Bubble 2.0, the Uncov creators have stopped publishing to (cough) start a Web 2.0 company. That company, Persai, is a recommendation engine with the obligatory Web 2.0 gradient logo. According to the :

When Alisa Leonard, the “social media junkie” who I’ve been debating, initially emailed me, it was with a subject line “i love you.” How quickly love can turn to hate.

Apparently frustrated with the way our “debate” has been going, she sent me the following email on Tuesday:

now, while a response is in the works (you see, i get very busy with client work) i have some notes for you–

Oh, poor blessed Drama 2.0. Kid (ahem, personal inference- you are a 35+ balding man from the UK who suffers from severe blog envy, and frustrated at not being able to actionably leverage social media). First, for the record, lets get some things straight dear Drama–

The Social Media Debates: Round 3

After getting “owned” in Round 1 of The Social Media Debates, Alisa Leonard apparently took some time off from her Twitter activities to stage a better fight in Round 2 of our debate. Unfortunately, she’s still a lightweight trying to beat a heavyweight.

On a macro level, Drama’s premise of his “are we going to talk or fuck?” approach to marketing is that he doesn’t buy the value of relationship marketing.

The Social Media Debates: Round 1

Screw the CNN-YouTube debates. I invited the techie girl who loves me to engage in debate regarding social media marketing, a much more important topic than the future of the United States, which doesn’t exist. This debate pits Drama 2.0, a rainmaker who can sell water to a whale, against Alisa Leonard, a “social media junkie” who encourages marketers to participate in some sort of abstract conversation with the “community.”

Alisa kicked off Round 1 of our public lovefest here:

Alisa: Marketers must join the Conversation

Drama: Marketers must Sell

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