Announcing MySites - Sponsor of The Drama 2.0 Show

I’m proud to announce that the sponsor of The Drama 2.0 Show is Finnish Internet startup MySites. The company, which will launch later this month, has created an online service that enables its users to create their own “sites” where they can organize, store and share all of their content, including pictures, music, video, blogs, calendars and documents. MySites features privacy controls, access from mobiles and other Internet-connected devices and, perhaps most importantly, an open platform that will enable developers to extend the service so that new features and functionalities are offered.

The Truthiness According to Wikipedia

An interesting documentary created by Dutch director IJsbrand van Veelen premiered at the Next Web conference. Entitled “The Truth According to Wikipedia,” van Veelen offers a critical look at Wikipedia and Web 2.0 in general.

Featured in the documentary are prominent Web 2.0 proponents, including Jimmy Wales and Tim O’Reilly. Web 2.0 skeptic Andrew Keen, author of “,” does most of the anti-Web 2.0 heavy lifting along with the former editor-in-chief of Encyclopedia Britannica, Bob McHenry.

A Conference 2.0 Comment Worth Reposting has an article entitled “How to survive the next-gen confab” which discusses the Conference 2.0 concept that I dismissed previously.

An enlightened and spot-on comment from “JDGDOIT” resonated so much with me that I felt it was worth reposting here. Not only does it make a valid point about Conference 2.0, some of its insight can be applied to other Web 2.0 bullshit.

Advertising != Engineering

on entitled “Why most geeks shouldn’t be marketers” I laid out some of my thoughts on why injecting too much science into the advertising business was not a good idea.

My post was “inspired” by kool aid sipper Hank Williams, who in a post entitled “In 10 Years, Marketing Will Be Taught In Engineering School,” stated:

Marketing is still primarily perceived as a fuzzy touchy feely discipline. But the Internet is bringing this to an end rapidly. In ten years our current perspectives on this will seem quaint.

Serial Killings Haunt Web 2.0

Music labels are dead. Television is too. And don’t forget the newspapers. Then the grim reaper of TechCrunch shifted his focus and started plotting to kill specific companies - .

But even as the pile of bodies grows, it’s rarely enough to quell the urge to kill and TechCrunch seems to be the source of an increasingly morbid philosophy.

The latest victim of this morbid philosophy is the DEMO conference. In an interview Wednesday, the TechCrunch founder stated, “Demo needs to die.”

Don’t Batten Down The Hatches on a Shit Business

As the realities of the current economic landscape become apparent to even the completely most uninitiated, more venture capitalists are recognizing that tougher times lie ahead.

While tough times are never good for the fairweather founders that usually flock to Silicon Valley when money is being handed out on Sand Hill Road like it’s going out of style, in a recent post on that tough times can create opportunity for smart, serious entrepreneurs.

In a post on his blog, venture capitalist Fred Wilson discussed the tough times ahead and commented:

Tweet This: Nobody Even Knows Not to Give a Fuck

My distaste for everything Twitter-related is not a secret. In my opinion, Twitter is, for all practical intents and purposes, completely useless. It is, at best, a virtual hub of chronic time-wasters and at worst, a cesspool of narcissistic twats.

Given this, it’s not surprising that Twitter is one of the most hyped Web 2.0 properties and if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having any exposure to the Web 2.0 “community,” you just might find yourself believing that Twitter is a revolutionary communications platform set to take over the world.

It’s with great disappointment that I am forced to announce that The Drama 2.0 Show may be going offline in the near future. Unfortunately, my activities outside of the technology industry have caught up with me and I have been charged with serious crimes under United States law.

Although I am not currently located in the United States, an associate of mine turned state’s evidence and a significant amount of my liquid assets were frozen last week by the authorities in the country they are located in at the request of multiple United States government agencies which I will not name here.

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